Rooney, the best mistake my husband ever made (he said)


“My wife talked me into getting Rooney.

I also love dogs.  I grew up with dogs.

It’s been wonderful having a dog, (except for his snoring like a freight train).

I always have a little buddy around.

My wife was out of town last weekend and it was comforting to know that someone was around.

The house is never empty when Rooney is there.

One of the benefits of having a dog is the amount of social doors that have opened.

We’ve made a lot of quality friends at the dog run and local park.  Rooney is friendly with many of the dogs that go to the park and run, and we are friendly with their owners, (our dogs all get along and so do we).

We also help each other out.  We watch each other’s dogs.  When one of us is busy or out of town we try to help each other out and walk the other’s dogs. We are part of a tight knit community.

During the bad weather we try to arrange play dates at each other’s apartments so they get exercise and a chance to play.  It’s also an excuse for us to socialize.

During the blizzard of 2016, the dog park friends got together and had a blizzard party, without our dogs.

When he broke his paw, it was tough for us because we had to carry a 35 pound dog up and down the two flights of our apartment.  Poor Rooney couldn’t play, see his friends or exercise and work out his energy for 10 days.

But the hardest time with Rooney was when he was a puppy and scratched his cornea.  We had to give him drops and it basically tested our marriage.  One of us had to hold his head and keep his eye open and the other put in the drops.  It would take us between 20 and 30 minutes to get the drops successfully in his eye. We would blame each other for not holding his head still enough. It was difficult to hold Rooney’s head without him squirming and flailing around.

One of the best things about having Rooney is that we get outside a lot more.

We go to the park on the weekends for off leash time before 9 a.m.  We walk to all the local parks and explore the city.  I see parts of my neighborhood I might never have noticed.”




Sugar, the best part of the job


I started as a nanny for the family’s two kids and walking Sugar was part of the job description (the best part).

Dogs are therapy for me.

I don’t have a lot of friends that are able to own dogs right now. Apartment size, budget, and availability to be home are big restrictions on people my age.

Dogs are pretty easy, sweet, and love unconditionally. Even if Sugar is being kind of a brat, she’s still great.

On walks, her prime initiative is to get as much attention from as many people as possible. As soon as she gets a treat– like from the bank, bookstore , or pet store, she tries to drag me back there on every walk.

I’ve only been with her for a year and a half, but I walk her right in the middle of the day. In the mornings I’m in an office and in the afternoons I’m nannying. She’s a really good midday boost.

In a job so kid based, she allows for some adult contact either in the park or at the dog run.  Yesterday, I ran into a friend from Brooklyn while I was walking Sugar in Central Park. it’s not often I get to run into someone from Brooklyn on the upper west side of Manhattan, especially on a work day.

I like that my job has two distinct parts to it. Walking the dog is a great segue into the afternoon. It’s puppy therapy.