single life

Olive, the French Bulldog that wants to play 24/7 (part 1)


“I got Olive because my last dog died and I was still living at home, but was considering moving out on my own.

I was doing research on good apartment dogs and French Bulldogs came up a few times.

I also thought they were very cute.

People said they were quiet and calm.

Olive is the opposite.”

Max, the happy dog


“Max was a rescue that someone dropped at a cat rescue where my sister was working.

My last dog had died and I agreed to foster him. I absolutely fell in love and called him Max.

He’s so enthusiastic and happy, it’s hard to be down around him.

He reminds me that life is good.

It’s more difficult to meet people because I have to be home to walk and feed him at specific times of the day and night.

I have met a lot of people with him, but mostly women. I have made some good girlfriends that way.

When I do meet a man, it feels like a little family, which I would like.

Without Max my life would be very sad and different. I would have to find inspiration from within.”