sick dogs

Diego, as in Don Diego de la Vega, aka Zorro (she said part 2)


“The worst time since we’ve had Diego was Halloween of 2015.  At 6 a.m. he jumped off a chair in my bedroom and woke us up yelping in pain.

My husband rushed him to the AMC (Animal Medical Center), where the veterinarian he saw couldn’t find the problem.

Then we took him to Gotham Vet, and the vet suspected that he injured his neck,  Ut was awful because he was in so much pain that I was beside myself.

They wanted to do an MRI, but that would have cost thousands of dollars, which I didn’t have (I am a dog walker).  Instead, we crated him for 2-3 months and he was on heavy medications of steroids, nerve blockers, and pain meds.  It was a complicated schedule.

The same week that Diego fell and injured his neck, one of my pet clients (and a friend,too), died.

I found the body.

I rescued her cat, Kookla.

I had a sick dog that required care around the clock and a newly adopted scared cat.

It all worked out and Kookla, the cat and Diego, the dog love each other.  Kookla kisses Diego when he comes back from his walks.

When I see Diego running around and so happy, after having been so sick, I get tremendous joy.”