Zimmy, short for Zimmerman, the German Shepherd mix rescue named after Bob Dylan (part 4)


“About eight years ago both my sister and veterinarian noticed that Zimmy’s head shape was changing.

Instead of being round it was caved in looking.

We went to a dog neurologist and he was diagnosed with a rare German Shepherd disease, called Muscular Myelitis.

It wears away the muscle mass in the dog’s head.”



Zimmy, short for Zimmerman, the German Shepherd mix rescue named after Bob Dylan (part 3)


“He had crazy looking ears and a great soul.

I got him on June 1st, and I call that summer, my summer of Zimmy, because I was off from work and spent every day with him.

We went to the beach, hiked mountains or had some sort of daily adventure.

When I got him, he was about a year old.

He has been the love of my life for the past nine years.”

Smoky, the Shepherd Mix Rescue Found wandering in the Smokey Mountains (part 2)


“We brought him to the vet the next morning and he cut the prong collar off of his neck with bolt cutters.

We gave him antibiotics and took him back to our cabin rental, where we weren’t supposed to have dogs.

He slept for the next three days.

While we were still in Tennessee, we saw a flyer for a lost dog with a picture of Smoky.

The vet said, absolutely, do not give him back.”

Enzo, the Mini-Aussie with a touch of Corgi (part 1)


“My parents dog died and I made it a year without getting my own dog.

The last dog I had was half Aussie Shepherd and she was very good .  I wanted another Aussie Shepherd because I knew he would be trainable.

I’ve had him since he was twelve weeks old and he’s now two years.

He’s (almost) all Aussie, but his mom was part Corgi so that’s why he’s smaller.

He’s lived up to his name in being one of the smartest breeds.

People are amazed at how smart he is.

One time he had diarrhea and I wasn’t home and he chose to get sick in the bathtub.  I thought that was smart and thoughtful.”

Sabrina and Lazarus

FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-8Sabrina is about eight and Lazarus is about seven.

They  were both rescues. We wanted a companion for our last lab, and we found Sabrina on a rescue site. She is from New Orleans.

Her personality was not that of a lab, so we had her DNA tested and she is 0% lab.

She is Belgian Shepherd, Beagle and terrier. Apparently, when you combine those things it looks like a small American lab.

After our lab died we got Lazarus as a companion for Sabrina.

Lazarus was found on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. He was almost dead, hence his name.

The Sato Project saved him. They try to save all the dogs from Dead Beach.

They save the ones that are adoptable and send to them to the U. S.

We got Lazarus at the end of July.

He still stands backward in the elevator staring at the wall.

I think Lazarus makes us slow down, so we meet a lot of people.

Sabrina will do anything for a treat, so we know most of the doormen in the neighborhood that give out treats.

She likes to stand on her hind legs and put her front paws on the counter when we go shopping.

Paper Source is her favorite store.