Shy, the 18 year old rescue Beagle, Whippet, Spaniel, whose given birthday is Valentine’s Day (part 4)


“The first year I had her she had a lot of issues.

She chewed a lot of things, she was afraid and would shake sometimes, but I took her running with me and it gave her a purpose.

Shy became my running partner for 12 years.

I was a traveling nurse for four years and took Shy with me to all of my assignments.”


Nikki and Winston, The Pit Bull and Sheba-Enu Rescue Dogs (He Said, Part 3)


“I had Nikki 2 years and she was queen bee of the house and then the dynamic of the house changed.

I met my girlfriend and Nikki fell in love with her, then I fell in love with her.

And then we got Winston, a Sheba-Enu and the family unit became complete (for now).

Winston was an impulse love at first sight dog.  And then he turned out to be a huge pain in the ass.”