“She would start and go wild and continue for a good ten to fifteen minutes in that crazy chomping mode.

This was before she had all her shots and she couldn’t go to the dog park or socialize with other dogs, yet.

I walk her more now because I am out of school.

I knew having a dog was going to be a lot of work, responsibility and fun.

It has been exciting because I see a new side to Silka every day.

I am watching her shed her puppy ways and grow into an adult dog.

It’s hard to put into words why I love her so much, but I feel very connected to her.”


Stella, the Peaceful Puppy Hound Rescue From Palmetto Paws That Bonded A Couple (She Said, Part 7)


“Having Stella is something that bonds us together.

As a result of having her, we have more patience with one another and have created a stronger set of communication skills.

Stella has brought out a more nurturing side to my boyfriend and he truly loves her, which in turn adds an element to our relationship.

We spend a lot of time outdoors with Stella, whereas we might have just been indoors, doing our own thing before.

Sometimes when I am watching a beautiful sunset while walking Stella, I think to myself,  if not for her, I might not be seeing this right now.

She has taught us to be more observant of the world around us.”

Rooney, the Miniature Pinscher, Pit Bull, Hound Mix Rescue, that filled a void (she said, part 6)


“My boyfriend wasn’t familiar with the joy that you have from having to take care of your own dog and the unconditional love you get in return.

Having Rooney as a shared responsibility has made our relationship grow and has added a spark to our family.”

Felicia, the dog lover (Part 1)


“I love dogs and wanted to make some extra cash.

It’s more love than cash.

I was a graphic designer and was taking a seminar to find out how I could make extra money.

I said, I love dogs and that was the beginning.

I started by dog sitting.

My first sitting job came through a super and it was for a month.  The dog owner offered me $6.00 per day.  I said, how about $10.00 but she said, no.

It was a Doberman named Precious. She had floppy ears and a long tail.  She wore a prong collar and I put it on backwards.

My second job was the neighbors in Prescious’s building.

I got involved with the dog world and my next dog sit was $20.00 per day.

From there, the dog world opened up to me.

The dogs took me to Central Park, and I met a woman who helped to rescue and foster dogs.

I was fostering dogs and decided to help with 2 dogs that were abandoned. They were a brother and sister. They were being boarded at the vet  because they didn’t have a place to go.

I went to look at them and it was love at first sight, but I couldn’t see being tied down.

The woman that rescued them found out that Sandy, the sister was unhappy in her foster home, so I took both Charlie and Sandy out of care and concern.  I wasn’t working at the time so my schedule was more flexible.

They were only 11 months old. Sandy was in heat and Charlie wasn’t neutered.

I looked for a home for them everywhere, even Westchester.

I finally found a home for them but when I thought they were going to leave I started to cry.

The rest was history.

That was in 1990.

Sandy died in 2004 and Charlie died in 2005.”



The joy of responsibility


We got Jazz because we lost our last dog, Miles.

Dogs bring an extra sense of love, compassion and a sense of responsibility.

 it’s given my whole family a sense of somebody or something that needs our help all the time.

I am most responsible for Jazz, and my family would say that too.  It’s a good responsibility, in that you

know that you are on a schedule of doing things, and all that stress that you have built up during the day washes

away when you take care of the dog.

It’s different having a female dog than a male dog, after all these years. She listens more than any of my male dogs did.

 Jazz acts like a typical dog. In addition to loving, and having fun with other dogs she loves being around humans.

There was more uniqueness about our last dog, Miles.

In short, Miles was a cat stuck inside of a dogs body. He would much rather stay at home than go outside and mingle.

But, he loved his family.