Rescue Dogs Rock



”I’ve always wanted a dog and finally my parents said, we are going to get a dog.

I was 15 at the time and lived at home.

That was two years ago.

My family adopted her from the Westchester Humane Society.

We were looking at dogs on their website and a photo of Silka popped up.

The angle of the photo made her look slender and very unique.”


Twiggy, the Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix Rescue (part 5)


“I am lucky to have such understanding neighbors.

I received a note under my door the first time I left her alone saying, your dog has been barking and crying the entire time you were gone. It was so sad, the next time you leave, please just drop her off with us.

We leave her with the family next door, but I don’t want to take advantage of them.

I have been considering bark busters, but am trying to leave her alone for short intervals of time and build up to longer periods.

Twiggy has become the emphasis of our lives.

We are devoted to her and she is semi-devoted to us.”


Stella, the Peaceful Puppy Hound Rescue From Palmetto Paws That Bonded A Couple (She Said, Part 4)


“We found out her mom was dumped in a High School Football field and they didn’t know how long she had been there.

A good samaritan called the ACC (Animal Control Center) and got her mom to a rescue group, where they realized she was pregnant.

Luckily, her mom gave birth under the care of a veterinarian with the rescue group and she delivered nine healthy puppies.”

Tina, The Italian Greyhound/Terrier/Whippet/Beagle,Mix Rescue From Social Tees (He Said, Part 3)


“They had a photo of a group of dogs and we emailed right away and wrote that we would be available to foster any of them.

We received an email straight back saying, please come in and pick up a dog.

We went to the Social Tees office and they said, hi, here’s Tina and her sister, Tuleh.

We haven’t split them up yet, so would you mind taking them both?”

Kai, the Three Legged Maltese/Chinese Crested Mix, Rescue (part 4)


“I just recently retired and having Kai gives me a routine and a schedule.

I still mourn the cat, and realize that Kai is not a substitute.

I used to get maybe 8,000 or 9,000 steps on my Fitbit, but now I get 10,000 by 2 pm.

He runs much faster than I do.

I know this, because he ran away from me twice in Rockaway.”

Kai, the Three Legged Maltese/Chinese Crested Mix, Rescue (part 3)


“I was as nervous as could be.

Finally, I got the call, one and get the baby.

He was with his foster mom in Manhattan.

I picked him up and took him to Rockaway, and BAM, I had a puppy to take care of.

We moved to Manhattan in October and he has adjusted very well.

He loves the smells, but hates the noise.”

Kai, the Three Legged Maltese/Chinese Crested Mix, Rescue (part 2)


“I went through Rescue Dogs Rock, while living in Rockaway.

They offered me a Maltese/Chinese Crested mutt with three legs who was one and a half years old.

I took him.

When I saw his photograph, I fell in love with his face instantly.

I applied for him, filled out a long form, had a phone interview and then had a house visit.

I was approved.”

Kai, the Three Legged Maltese/Chinese Crested Mix, Rescue (part 1)


“My late husband and I had a cat and the cat was his beloved cat.

We had agreed when the cat passed away, we would get a dog.

My husband died three years ago and the cat died last summer.

I went online in late June looking for a rescue dog.

I wanted an adult poodle.”


Penny, the Dachshund Mix from Rescue Dogs Rock (part 5, he said)


“It took six months to trust her off leash and be confident that she wouldn’t run off.

Penny has really come into her own.

She trusts us.  We have developed a great bond.

The best thing about having her is the joy she has brought to our lives.

I consider her a missing piece that made our family more complete.

I think the hardest part of having a dog is the time and commitment.

Penny requires a certain amount of time every day, so we sacrifice other things in order to take care of her.

Whether it’s work, exercise, or my social life, I am very happy to have the responsibility and live up to it.”

Penny, the Dachshund Mix from Rescue Dogs Rock (part 1, he said)


“I’ve always loved dogs and I’ve always wanted a dog, and I had a change in my job situation.

I was going to be working from home, so I would have the ability to give time to taking care of a dog.

My girlfriend and I searched for rescue dogs online.

We knew we wanted a rescue.

My girlfriend wanted to get a dachshund, so we googled dachshund rescue and Pet finder showed us various dachshunds, including Penny (whose name wasn’t Penny at the time).