Tina, The Italian Greyhound/Terrier/Whippet/Beagle Mix Rescue From Social Tees (He Said, Part 6)


“It’s just so comforting to come home after work to such a loving dog.

We went home to the U.K. for three weeks over Christmas, and had to leave her in NYC.

We missed her so much.

I came back before my wife, and when I picked her up from the dog sitter, we were both so happy to see each other.

Tina leapt into my arms.”

Otto, the Strong Willed Miniature Long Haired Dachshund Puppy (she said, part 3)


“We asked if we could meet the parents, literally.

She is a small breeder who has eight dogs and only has three or four litters per year.

She has great testimonials, and we got to meet Otto’s parents.

It is a great and healthy environment for the dogs.

We waited for a litter for a month and a half and have had him since the day after Thanksgiving,”

Lily, the Black Labrador who was meant to be a Hunting Dog (part 4)


“Lily was there when I met my current wife and was so jealous of her that she used to eat her undergarments.

It took about six months for Lily to come around, but now they are best friends.

Lily gets upset when my wife is not around, and waits in the hallway for her to come home.

Lily has changed how I live my life.

It’s everything from the mundaneness of scheduling things, to the whole idea of having something you are responsible for.”