overcoming social anxiety

Lino, the outgoing French Bulldog (part 3)


“Lino helped me get over my social anxiety because I didn’t have a choice.

He forced me to get outside and relate to others, which I hadn’t been able to do.

I no longer have a social anxiety.

For example; I wouldn’t have been able to talk to you a year ago without feeling anxious, but now it’s ok.

It was just my husband and me for seven years.

Now, we share this love of Lino and it has brought us closer as a family.”

Lino, the outgoing French Bulldog (part 2)


“Nothing was planned.

My husband ran out and got food, toys, and a crate.

And so, life as a dog owner began.

Sometimes in the bad weather we have to go out, but I have come to enjoy this because we get out and talk to other people.

We are from France, but feel like we are part of a community in NY, now.

I work from home, and have done so for the past four years.

I got used to not being social and developed a social anxiety because I spent so much time alone.”