nyc dog

Koda, the intuitive German Shepherd (part 3)


“Having Koda is like having a kid together.

He adjusted pretty well after my dog died.

We treated him like he’s a member of the family.

He is never without us.

He travels with us, wherever we go.

The best of times with Koda, is when I am in NYC because walking around with him encourages me to explore areas I wouldn’t otherwise see.”

Bailey, the Staffordshire Terrier, Chow Chow, Boxer and Labrador Retriever Rescue Mix (she said, part 1)


“I’ve always volunteered for different animal organizations.

Guiding eyes for the blind was one, and more recently, Bad Ass Brooklyn Rescue.

Working with the rescue animals inspired me to adopt a rescue dog.

I followed a number of rescue organizations on Instagram and saw an image of Bailey on See Spot Rescued, and I fell in love with her.”










Lulu, the Maltipoo (part 4)


“Dogs are about unconditional love.

Now that my kids are away at school, they palpably miss Lulu.

They often say, they can’t imagine life without a dog.

My youngest if probably the most attached and when I visit him at school I always bring Lulu along.

She is a great comfort and a member of the family.”