Shy, the 18 year old rescue Beagle, Whippet, Spaniel, whose given birthday is Valentine’s Day (part 1)


“My family had dogs growing up.

I am a nurse and wanted to help rehabilitate a dog from the pound.

I visited a lot of animal shelters in Baltimore, where I was living at the time.

When I looked in one of the cages, I saw Shy, who was all the way in the back and wouldn’t even lift her head, while other dogs were jumping up, ready to go out of the cage.”



“My mother cooks for him, plays with him and even walks him.

Leo acts as a therapy dog as well as a companion.

My mother has a routine with him and it keeps her mind busy.

Leo is very social, he wants to play with every dog he sees, so she has been forced to be social as well.

All in all, Leo has been a help to our family.”