Theodora, the cute blonde (part 1)


“I had a Portuguese Water Dog with my kids and ex-husband.

When I left the ex, we had to have a dog to make our family complete.

I adopted a teacup poodle called Bruno.

Aaron, my older son was eight years old at the time.  He brought Bruno to a play date.  He wanted the responsibility of walking Bruno, so I let him take the dog.  This wasn’t the first time.  Aaron was a very responsible child. While Aaron was walking Bruno he let the leash out too far at the corner.  Bruno was in the gutter and a taxi came speeding along and ran over the dog.

Poor Aaron.

That was so intense.

He ran after the taxi.  The taxi driver hadn’t even registered that he had hit a dog.

The mother supervising the play date rushed Bruno to the vet, but it was too late.  Bruno had died.

Aaron was mad.  He was mad at the taxi driver and he was mad at himself.

That night we sat around Bruno’s bed as a family.  The mom and Aaron’s friend were there too.  We performed a memorial service to Bruno.

We told stories about Bruno.  We thanked him for being in our lives and then released him into the universe.

I think that memorial service helped Aaron. The main thing I wanted him to know, was that it wasn’t his fault.

Shortly after we lost Bruno, the kids had a winter break and we were in Los Angeles visiting my family.

Our quest became visiting every animal shelter to find a new dog.

Because of Aaron’s asthma it had to be hypoallergenic.

We hit every shelter between Palm Springs and L.A., with no luck.

The day we were leaving I found a small animal rescue group in Venice, and literally hours before we boarded the plane back to NY we found Theodora.”

Max, the happy dog


“Max was a rescue that someone dropped at a cat rescue where my sister was working.

My last dog had died and I agreed to foster him. I absolutely fell in love and called him Max.

He’s so enthusiastic and happy, it’s hard to be down around him.

He reminds me that life is good.

It’s more difficult to meet people because I have to be home to walk and feed him at specific times of the day and night.

I have met a lot of people with him, but mostly women. I have made some good girlfriends that way.

When I do meet a man, it feels like a little family, which I would like.

Without Max my life would be very sad and different. I would have to find inspiration from within.”