David, the animal hobbyist and professional dog walker


“I used to work at the Animal Medical Center.

I left the AMC for money and scheduling. I couldn’t support my family as a vet tech. I have four kids, a wife, and two dogs.

I was on salary at AMC, now I am self-employed, get paid by the walk and make my own schedule.

I’ve always worked with animals. I’ve been a hobbyist to all animals, including fish and reptiles.

I grew up with dogs.

Dogs are never mad at you. They’re always happy.  You can’t find that in a human.

One of the veterinarians from AMC referred me to clients for dog walking. That was seventeen years ago.

I divorced and remarried the same woman.

When I left the house, I took one of the dogs with me and felt like I still had part of my family with me. I left the smaller dog that was paper trained for my wife and the kids.  I took the big dog that was more work and needed to be walked.

My dog was a great companion. He was by my side the entire time we were apart.

I worked things out with my wife and we got back together eight months later.

That dog has since passed away, but the family still talks about him.”