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Bodie, the great rescue from Mississippi (he said part 2)


“I was in Central Park with Bodie. He was five months old, I was watching two people get into an argument and I didn’t notice that Bodie got swept away with a bunch of dogs and a dog walker.  I freaked and literally ten minutes went by.  My cell phone rang and it was Mike, and I was thinking, how am I going to tell Mike the dog is gone.  He said he was in the park and walking over to meet us.  As I Mike approached, I saw one of my dog friends from the park, with Bodie (attached to a leash).  She had found him.  That is one of the beautiful things about having dog friends.

My father had a heart attack and I went home to take care of him.  I took Bodie with me.   My father says he doesn’t care about dogs, but he warmed up to Bodie real quick.  Anytime I looked over, they were sleeping on the sofa together.

My dad is a pretty hard guy and Bodie softened him.

Whenever I go home with Bodie now, they are like two long lost friends.

When you see another person parenting in the same way you do, you realize you are on the same page.  It makes me respect Mike all the more.  Raising a dog is a common goal that doesn’t stop.  It makes you closer on a daily basis.”

The joy of responsibility


We got Jazz because we lost our last dog, Miles.

Dogs bring an extra sense of love, compassion and a sense of responsibility.

 it’s given my whole family a sense of somebody or something that needs our help all the time.

I am most responsible for Jazz, and my family would say that too.  It’s a good responsibility, in that you

know that you are on a schedule of doing things, and all that stress that you have built up during the day washes

away when you take care of the dog.

It’s different having a female dog than a male dog, after all these years. She listens more than any of my male dogs did.

 Jazz acts like a typical dog. In addition to loving, and having fun with other dogs she loves being around humans.

There was more uniqueness about our last dog, Miles.

In short, Miles was a cat stuck inside of a dogs body. He would much rather stay at home than go outside and mingle.

But, he loved his family.