golden doodle

Charlie, the doodle rescue from Hong Kong (part 2)


“We thought he was a tiny poodle from the picture.

His name was Chuen Fan, meaning rice roll.

It turned out that he was being transported to the SPCA where my daughter worked.

We decided to go meet him and when we got there, his hair was long  and very matted.

He was not the tiny poodle we had thought he would be.

In fact, he was twice the size that he looks now, from all that hair.

He looked at us with those big sad eyes.

He was so sweet.

He was the only dog not barking at us, so we thought he was calm.”


Charlie, the doodle rescue from China (part 1)


“Our daughters were begging and pleading to get a dog but this was our third move in six years.

We moved from New York, to London, to Hong Kong, so we were worried about getting a dog with our nomadic lifestyle.

My husband said, he would think about getting a dog if our daughters did research on the responsibilities of having a dog.

Our older daughter began volunteering at the SPCA near where we lived in Hong Kong.

Our younger daughter read every single book at the library on dogs.

She became an expert on how to take care of all the different breeds.

During our daughters’ time at the SPCA, we kept looking at the dogs on their website and one day there was this adorable looking dog.”

Edie, the rescue doodle (part 3)

“I work as a veterinarian and Edie is great with all the animals.

She likes to open the door to the exam room(s) and say hello.

She tends to calm down the animals that get along with dogs.

Edie has changed my life.

She has expanded my world.

I know and have become friendly with all the doormen on the block.

I have become a member of the dog owner’s community.”

Edie, the rescue doodle (part 2)


“Edie gets along with the cats for the most part.

They are not super fans, but they all get along.

She didn’t destroy anything in my apartment, but I exercise her well and take her to work with me.

My coworkers all like her too.  She’s their favorite dog.

I’ve only had her for 3 months so it hasn’t been a lot of time, but she has brought  a lot of joy to my life.

During times of stress at work she is a great source of relaxation.

She really cuts the tension.”

Edie, the rescue doodle (part 1)


“I always wanted a dog since I moved to the city.

My coworker had a friend who had a dog that she didn’t want to anymore.

Edie was destroying her house; eating her shoes and chewing the furniture.

I was willing to take a risk.

The original owner emailed photos.

I contacted her and asked to meet with Edie.

She drove into the city from Long Island and left Edie at my apartment for a few hours for a trial run.

It went really well.

I have 2 cats and that was my main concern.”

Ziggy, the dog who spreads joy wherever he goes (mom part 3)


“He’s so smart that he remembers the streets and is slowly becoming less frightened.

He’s never had an issue with people or dogs– it’s more like trucks or buses.

I have expectations.

I want humor, affection and to meet other dog people.

Having a dog is a constant source of comfort.

It keeps you sane and grounded when you care for an animal.

It takes you out of your own head.

One thing all my dogs have given me is:  unconditional love.

It’s hard when they die, but it’s harder to be without a dog.”

Ziggy, the dog that spreads joy wherever he goes (mom part 1)


“I’ve always had a dog or multiple dogs and I recently relocated to New York, so I got a mini Golden doodle.  I hoped that he would adjust to city life easier than a big dog (needing less space and exercise).

I also wanted a buddy.

I should add that my daughter really wanted a dog and that weighed heavily in the decision making process.

I’ve had two other standard Golden doodle’s and I loved them.

They are incredibly loyal, fun and sweet.

He came from Kentucky, where my other two doodles came from.

I had him flown to New York and everything went smoothly.”

Cody, the college companion



“We had the most wonderful dog growing up.

There was a feeling that we were missing something after he died.

He was a member of the family that was always a happy cheerful presence that made everyone smile.

Any time I was sick my dog was on the edge of my bed.

One of the things I loved about him, was that when anyone hugged someone, he would run over and jump in between and join in the hug.

I really missed that.

I am in college and I wanted to make sure that I was at a stage where I could take care of a new puppy.

Last year, when I no longer lived in a dormitory room I felt it would be possible to take the care that is required for having a dog.

I spent a year researching dogs and breeders.  I decided I wanted a Golden Doodle and found the right breeder.

Cody was born in March and I picked him out in April.  He was playful but not aggressive, and not too crazy.   He wanted to be held.  It was really important to me to have an affectionate dog.  He is a part of our family and it is important that he give unconditional love to everyone. Cody wanted to interact and play with me in ways that some of the other puppies didn’t.

In May, when I was driving him home from the breeder he was nervous for ten or fifteen minutes, but then he relaxed and snuggled up to me.

He had such short stubby legs when he was a baby, he hopped around like a rabbit.

Cody is spunky and energetic which is good for me, because I am one of the more energetic members of the family.

While we were in the park yesterday he saw two boys playing catch with a football and he chased the ball back and forth for thirty minutes.  He was pretty tired after that.

He is also still like the little puppy in the car that likes to slow down and snuggle.

We let him sleep wherever he wants and often he will start in the living room, but by morning he is in bed with me.

Also, he doesn’t like to eat alone.  If someone isn’t in the kitchen keeping him company he will ignore his food.

Cody is a companion dog.

When he gets older I want to work with him to become a therapy dog.  I think he would cheer up hospitalized children.

Cody doesn’t just affect my family, but he brings a smile to strangers on the street.”

Ellie, the Fashion Namesake


Her name is Ellie Baker from Current Elliot jeans and Fiorentini & Baker boots.

She has lived up to her name.

She is a fashionable dog.

She has Farrah Fawcett Hair, is tall and lanky.

The breeder said I would get stopped on the street all the time with her.

If I had a quarter for every time I was stopped, the non-profit I work for would be doing great.