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Stanley, the red poodle


“Jared and I had been looking for a dog for a while but we never had the time for a dog.

He was in school and we had just moved to New York.  He was graduating in May of last year and it would have been the perfect time to add to our family.

It was between a Great Dane and a Standard Poodle.  We hadn’t owned either but we have friends and relatives that have both.

In the end, it was that the Dane can have a heart condition and might not live as long a life as  a Poodle that was the deciding factor.

We went online and looked at breeders in the New York area and found that the prices for Poodles in New York were astronomical.  We decided to outsource and found a great breeder in Alabama.  we researched her web page to see when her next litter would be.  We were really interested in red Poodles because you wouldn’t see them often.  We just happened to fall in love with them.

We paid a deposit and added our name to a wait list for a red puppy.  It was unfortunate that we were at the bottom of the list.

She had three pregnant dogs.  The first had a litter of fifteen puppies and one passed away.  It was a red male, exactly what we wanted.

We waited and got a  red male in the second litter.  Stanley was the first red male.

We’ve had Stanley since the end of May.

He’s taught us patience. He brings out a maternal or paternal role in our lives.  I can’t really explain it, except it’s about caring for someone other than myself.

The worst time was when we discovered he had a heart murmur.  Hearing that at the vet’s office was heartbreaking.  We just welcomed a new member and hearing that we could lose him was frustrating and scary.  We would of course keep him.

We went to a cardiologist before we neutered him to make sure everything was ok.  He gave us the reassurance that the murmur would be clearing up in the next year or two.   It was so minute.  That took a hug weight off our shoulders.

We have been blessed to have such a good dog, but as every puppy owner knows, it’s a learning curve.

Our family dynamic has changed for the better.

Stanley has changed our time management and level of patience.  He has tested our nerves.

However, waking up to him every morning is a true testament to unconditional love.”