gay marriage

Twiggy, the Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix Rescue (part 2)


“My partner and I both craned our necks because she was so beautiful.

We assumed that she was one of the patients at the hospital, as opposed to one of the dogs up for adoption.

At the interview I was wearing a rainbow button, as the Supreme Court had just legalized gay marriage the day before.

The interviewer said, I see your button and I am so excited, I’ve been with my partner for 43 years.

We told her we were looking for a short haired, small female.

We thought she would bring out a chihuahua.”

Seymour, the well behaved Miniature Schnauzer (part 2)


“We put a lot of time into training him and we can bring him anywhere.  We take him  shopping at Bloomingdales and we take him on the train to Long Island, and no-one  ever complains.

He’s a most friendly and affectionate dog and he is playful with other dogs when he comes to the dog run.

I think he really behaves appropriately.  He adjusts his behavior around children.  We have two nephews, with the eight year old, he plays more rambunctiously; but with the two year old, it’s almost like he monitors him.  He watches him toddle along and makes sure he doesn’t fall–it’s almost like he babysits him.

He’s done wonders for our lives.

We have learned more about ourselves by putting Seymour first.

It’s opened up a whole conversation about having kids.  Having Seymour has taught us to explore another, more nurturing side our personalities.”

Seymour, the well behaved Mini-Schnauzer (part 1)


“My husband and I had been married for about a year and I wanted a dog.  I wanted a dog for a while.

Thanksgiving weekend we were at my parent’s home on Long Island and he said, do you want to look at dogs. It shocked me because I didn’t think he was ready for a dog.

We ended up taking a drive to a local kennel on the island and he was actually the one who picked out Seymour.

He grew up with Miniature Schnauzers, so he was partial to the breed.

Seymour crawled right into my husband’s lap.  He was mellow, gentle and affectionate, but also playful with the other puppies.

We spent two days going back to the kennel for about three hours each visit.  We wanted to  make sure he was the right dog for us and it wasn’t an impulse purchase.

His affectionate personality suited us.

I think the hardest time was fitting him into our lifestyle.

Our top priority is making sure that he’s well taken care of and that he’s physically and emotionally healthy.

We spent the first six months making sure we were home from work to walk and feed him.

It led to some difficult changes in our lifestyle, but there haven’t been any bad times.

He’s a source of constant love and affection.  He’s a smart, well behaved, loving animal. “