Kasidy, the contemplative dog walker (part 2)



“It’s also easier to start the day with a lot of excitement.

The dogs are always eager to see me.

I am really emotionally bonded with Earl because it took so long to earn his trust.

At first he was very skittish and then apathetic, but there came a time, a few months in, that I noticed his tail would wag and he would start this happy howl when I came.

That’s a great feeling.”

Figaro, the true companion (Part 2)


“My mother said she would leave me in the carriage outside the house with the dog attached and no-one bothered us.

The dog always protected me.

The hardest experiences with a dog is when they can no longer stay alive and they have to be put down.

Their lives are about being truly wonderful companions.

A very good friends said, dogs are replaceable, but humans are not.  You have to live beyond each dog, since we generally outlive our dogs.

Figaro, who is a purebred Golden is sick with cancer and is dying.”

Figaro, the true companion (part 1)

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“I’ve had dogs since I was 4 years old and I am 88 years old.

For me, it’s companionship an it makes me walk.

It’s a necessity for me to exercise.  I take a long walk in the morning and a long walk in the evening.

I find that having a dog is very relaxing.

They give you unfettered love.

All you have to do is feed, walk and pet them and they are happy.

The retriever only wants to please.

They obey everything you ask them to do without a question.

I have had between 15 an 20 Golden Retrievers.”

Algae and Celeste, the hikers


I’ve always had dogs.

I’m married to a man who loves dogs.

We are together for 48 years.

I love my dogs. My husband is more tolerant of other dogs but I just love my own. When one dies, we get another.

They figure in with our exercise plan. We get out everyday to walk them.

We went to Lake Minnewaska to go hiking. The dogs hike too.  They got some good exercise this weekend.

We walked 12 miles so Celeste could get her exercise.  No off leash for her.  She just takes off and disappears. Algae gets more exercise because he’s allowed off leash. He comes back when we call his name.

We bring them to this dog run every day, because this is the best dog run for them. We used to live in a different part of the city where they only had concrete dog runs, so this is an improvement.

Algae likes the male dogs, he’s a chip off the old block, or leash so-to-speak. He is our 4th Briard. He’s not aggressive. He’s a nuisance in the car. He barks, whines and squeals in the car. In that way, he’s the worst dog we’ve had.

He’s very attuned to us. When we get up, he gets up.

He’s a shepherd and we are his flock.

Celeste has 1 blue eye. She is more independent. You can’t teach her to come. You can’t teach her anything.

They are important to our relationship. They are our children, our responsibility.