empty nester

Scout, the Labrador Retriever that brought joy to a family (part 5)


“Scout has been a great distraction for the family side our oldest child went off to college.

Everyone misses her, but Scout is like a new family member as well as a new responsibility.

She needs a watchful eye because she is a puppy.”

Harry and Milly, the Papillon dogs that make the empty nest more bearable (part 2)


“I thought having two would be as easy and peaceful as having one dog, but it is not.

Like with children, I appreciate each one because of the other.

Harry is shy with people, but more social with dogs and Milly is the opposite.

Milly likes to be the center of attention, so Harry gets less attention than he used to.

It only took a week for Harry to stop guarding his toys when I got Milly.

They bonded with each other in a matter of weeks, though they are each more

bonded to me than each other.

I think it’s not a coincidence that I got these dogs as I became an empty nester.”