dogs stories

Willow, the rottweiler, boxer, beagle, chow chow, terrier mix rescue (part 5)


“I have someone to come home to every day and my life feels like it’s in place.

First I got a dog and then I got a serious boyfriend right after.

It’s been smooth sailing since having Willow.

Dogs are a lot of work, time and commitment, but there is a great payoff–

unconditional love.”

Vivi, the terrier, chow, greyhound, chihuahua, sharpei, mix from Puerto Rico (part 3)


“Over time we developed a routine with Vivi.

She was already housebroken, but was¬†¬†terrified of street life–cars, street noises and the elevator.

It took about a month for her to acclimate to New York City and our lifestyle.

We did a DNA test after three months and it turned out that she had no lab in her, whatsoever.

She is supposedly Terrier, Chow Chow, Greyhound, Chihuahua and Sharpei.

Vivi has help bond the family together.

There is always something to talk about where Vivi is concerned.

We think she is funny.

She can bounce on her hind legs for quite a while and makes some very entertaining groaning sounds.

She has brought more laughter to our household.”