dogs of NY

Rosie, the Newfie Doodle Mix (Newfoundland Poodle) She said, part 4


“Even before the litter was born I spoke with the breeder and we discussed what kind of dog would be a good fit.

The next litter to be born didn’t have a match for us but the following litter did.

I saw videos and photographs of the litter, and Rosie seemed to be the best fit.

I flew to Detroit and brought her home almost two years ago.

Besides having the ordinary pains of puppyhood, we had a difficult time when we moved from Washington D.C. to NYC.

Trying to find an apartment that would take a 95 pound dog along with two cats was not easy.

Leroy, the Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle Mix), (part 1)


 “My boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a dog for a long time and he has severe dog allergies.

We met a dog who was a maltipoo from a particular breeder and he didn’t have any allergic reaction.

We met the dog through Instagram.

I reached out, and the owner gave us all the information we needed.

I did some research regarding the breeder, because it was important to us that it wasn’t a puppy mill.”

Goldie, the Lagotto Romagnolo, that was a Surprise Birthday Present (part 3)


“One of the clincher’s for me, was that I didn’t have to drive or fly to get her.

I told him, yes, please drop her off.

I fell in love with her immediately and my wife was in deep shock.

I then explained to her that I would do all the walking and all she had to do was feed her.

There was a slight problem- housebreaking.”

Goldie, the Lagotto Romagnolo, that was a Surprise Birthday Present (part 2)


“The breeder said that he had a Lagotto that was supposed to be a show dog, but her ears wouldn’t stand up.

She was a show flunkie.

He said, he was going into the city that night and if I wanted her, he would drop her off.

Also, it was my wife’s birthday, and I thought the puppy would be a great gift, the best.”