dog love



” The first month my ex-boyfriend and I started dating, my fourteen year old black lab, Calvin, died.

He came with me when it was time to euthanize him.

That was definitely a bonding experience.

After 6 months of dating we moved in together and I insisted we get a dog.

He didn’t want a dog, so we put it off for a month.”



“I went on the internet and searched and found a breeder in New Jersey.

I waited a few months for Chewie to be born, and then another few months to take him home.

We both felt like we belonged together from the moment I brought her home.

Chewie helped me through a tough time.

I was depressed and she helped me get out of the house whether I wanted to or not.”

Roxanne, the International Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy (she said, part 6)


“It’s not so much a particular situation, but rather the process of loving her and sharing her with my boyfriend that has enhanced our lives.

Roxanne has awoken maternal instincts in me that I wasn’t aware I had.

She has shown me the I can be responsible and diligent if something is important enough.

She makes my boyfriend and me feel like a family.

I do a lot of the walking and feeding because I can, but when my boyfriend is home he adores her and they spend a lot of time playing together.

It’s wonderful to watch them.”

Jojo, the Beloved French Bulldog, Shared by Two People (part 5)


“Jojo is like a service or therapy dog.

He came with me to the Dr. for my annual physical and when the Dr. tested my knee reflexes with a medical hammer, Jojo started growling at him, thinking I was in danger.

he would protect me at any and all costs.

As a single person, getting outside my own head and taking care of another being fulfill my life.”

Gracie, the Chihuahua and Boscoe, the Pit Bull Terrier, Rescues (part 5)


“I love being with my animals, especially my little one.

She brings me such peace that I call her my therapy dog.

Boscoe is a big snuggle bunny and he is a very sweet dog.

Obviously, I can’t take him everywhere with me because of his size, but he is a great dog.

I am thankful that I have never had a difficult time since having them, but the hustle and bustle of selling real estate can be stressful and clients can be difficult, so coming home to Boscoe and Gracie is therapeutic.

It’s either red wine or fur-babies, and sometimes both.”


Lily, the Black Labrador who was meant to be a Hunting Dog (part 5)


“I also love how much she gives back tome in regards to companionship and laughs.

Lily has a great sense of humor, and makes me laugh regularly.

She loves to roll around on the ground while seemingly smiling, and likes to steal things like socks, shoes and a loofa sponge.

She never destroys things, she just likes the game of taking them and having us chase her.

Coming home after work is pure joy, because she is so happy and we like seeing each other.”

Lily, the Black Labrador who was meant to be a Hunting Dog (part 4)


“Lily was there when I met my current wife and was so jealous of her that she used to eat her undergarments.

It took about six months for Lily to come around, but now they are best friends.

Lily gets upset when my wife is not around, and waits in the hallway for her to come home.

Lily has changed how I live my life.

It’s everything from the mundaneness of scheduling things, to the whole idea of having something you are responsible for.”

Elmo & Frida, the California rescues (she said part 1)


“Elmo and Frida were found abandoned and locked in a condo complex in South East Los Angeles during a 110 heat wave.

They had no food or water for a week and no-one paid any attention to them.

I had cats, and my cat sitter noticed them there because she had a client in that building.  She inquired about them and nobody knew anything.

She sent out an email to all of her clients in search of a home to see if someone could adopt them together because they were already so  bonded.

That same week I had decided to move to New York from a large house and a yard, to a studio apartment.

I decided to adopt them.”

Sabrina and Lazarus

FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-8Sabrina is about eight and Lazarus is about seven.

They  were both rescues. We wanted a companion for our last lab, and we found Sabrina on a rescue site. She is from New Orleans.

Her personality was not that of a lab, so we had her DNA tested and she is 0% lab.

She is Belgian Shepherd, Beagle and terrier. Apparently, when you combine those things it looks like a small American lab.

After our lab died we got Lazarus as a companion for Sabrina.

Lazarus was found on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. He was almost dead, hence his name.

The Sato Project saved him. They try to save all the dogs from Dead Beach.

They save the ones that are adoptable and send to them to the U. S.

We got Lazarus at the end of July.

He still stands backward in the elevator staring at the wall.

I think Lazarus makes us slow down, so we meet a lot of people.

Sabrina will do anything for a treat, so we know most of the doormen in the neighborhood that give out treats.

She likes to stand on her hind legs and put her front paws on the counter when we go shopping.

Paper Source is her favorite store.