dog house breaking

Goldie, the Lagotto Romagnolo, that was a Surprise Birthday Present (part 3)


“One of the clincher’s for me, was that I didn’t have to drive or fly to get her.

I told him, yes, please drop her off.

I fell in love with her immediately and my wife was in deep shock.

I then explained to her that I would do all the walking and all she had to do was feed her.

There was a slight problem- housebreaking.”

Anchoas, the Bright and Happy King Charles Cavalier Puppy (she said, part 5)


“I look forward to more fun times and adventures now that we are over the rudimentary phase, like potty training and teaching him to walk well on the leash.

He used to try to run over to other dogs, and sprint after birds, but he’s more obedient now.

Ancho (his nickname), draws my boyfriend and I closer together and makes us feel like a family.