dog adoption

Stella, the Peaceful Puppy Hound Rescue From Palmetto Paws That Bonded A Couple (She Said, Part 5)


“After hearing her story, we wanted her mom, but I knew that I wasn’t experienced enough to rescue a dog who has been through trauma because I’ve never owned my own dog.

We chose Stella.

It felt right because she’s my first dog and we are her family.

We’ve had her since August of 2017.

Since having her, some of our best times were when we were establishing a bond with Stella by teaching her commands and tricks.”

Rosie, the Newfie Mix (Newfoundland Poodle) He said, part 1


“My wife really wanted a dog, and had been asking to get one for three years.

She had been showing me photos and videos of Newfie’s, and already had a breeder in mind.

My main holdout was the time commitment to a dog, but I agreed after three years, basically, because she wore me down.

I also realized that there would never be an ideal time, so now was as any.”

Olive, the Basset Hound, Staffordshire Terrier, and unknown mix, Rescue Dog (part 3, she said)


“In August of 2015 we filled out an adoption form before we found a dog.

The adoption counselor interviewed us for an hour and was careful to ask questions that would match us with a suitable puppy.

She asked specific questions regarding temperament, breed, color, size and about our personal activities, as well as how much time we were willing to invest in the puppy, and how much time we would be spending at home.

She said there was a litter of puppies coming up from Virginia.”

Goldie, the Lagotto Romagnolo, that was a Surprise Birthday Present (part 3)


“One of the clincher’s for me, was that I didn’t have to drive or fly to get her.

I told him, yes, please drop her off.

I fell in love with her immediately and my wife was in deep shock.

I then explained to her that I would do all the walking and all she had to do was feed her.

There was a slight problem- housebreaking.”

Amelia, the rescue terrier mix from Los Angeles (part 2)


“Amelia has a wonderful, curious spirit and she’s easy going.

I knew she would be great to travel with, and I was right.

We traveled a lot when I first got her and she was always well behaved.

My boyfriend and I were living apart when I first got Amelia, so waking up to her made being apart from him easier.

She has been a great comfort and a wonderful companion.

I lived in Los Angeles with Amelia for a year before we moved to New York to live  with my boyfriend and become a family.”

Lola, the Corgi, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie mix (he said, part 1)


“I saw the adoption truck and went inside and spotted her.”

We had been talking about getting a dog for a while.

It might not have been the right time, but the truck was at Columbus Circle and it was Father’s Day.

I went inside the truck while my kids were shopping in the Columbus Center Mall with my girlfriend.

I picker her out and didn’t tell my family which dog I wanted.

I asked them to to inside and pick a dog.

None of them picked Lola, so I sent them back in, gently guiding them to Lola.

I think the excitement of getting a dog and the crowded truck got in the way of seeing Lola.”

Wendy and her rescues (part 2)


“I learned about the horrible things being done to Greyhounds after they were retired.

They were shooting them, putting them in hot trucks leaving them to die,  and abandoning them after cutting off their ears to remove their identifiable tattoos.

One day in 1993 while I was waiting to cross a street corner, a dog was leaning on me.  I asked the owner if it was a Whippet, but she answered no, it was a rescued Greyhound.   I said, I want one, I want to rescue a Greyhound.  She told me about the program at AMC (Animal Medical Center), where they used them as blood donors and then adopted them out.

2 days later I got Gracie.  She was the first of 3 Greyhounds.  I knew she was a Bodhisattva (enlightened one).  She had a gentle spirit and was an old soul–maybe it was the way she looked at me. She had a peaceful knowing way about her.  When they brought her in the adoption room she approached me, making eye contact immediately without fear.

She knew we were supposed to be together.

I can’t think of any moment that stands out, but all my time with her was extraordinary.         Everyone seemed to think so too.

We had each other for 8 years.”

Marcello, the teddy bear


“My in-laws adopted a rescue greyhound and he was a sweet dog.

We got Marcello because we love the greyhound (whippets, Italian Greyhounds) breed.

We got him from a breeder, but not for lack of trying to rescue.

We wanted to adopt or rescue, but we didn’t qualify. We didn’t have a closed in yard or enough funds to prove to the rescue groups that we would be good dog owners.

The hardest time that we’ve had since we got him was during my unemployment.

It was the middle of a cold winter and I was struggling.  He literally, got me out of bed, because I had to walk him.

He’s comforting in the way a teddy bear is comforting.  He lets me hold him and he keeps very still. He talks to me with his eyes.  I think he asks me, what I need from him.

If I am grumpy he knows to keep away. If I am feeling joyful he jumps up and gives me hugs.

He is intuitive.

He’s like our little kid.  We feel maternal and paternal towards him.

He keeps us grounded.  One of us has to go home and walk him.  He’s about responsibility.  We are homebodies and he is part of our little unit.

We went on our honeymoon with him.  We drove across country with him.  He didn’t like hot springs, but he loves hiking.  He had a girlfriend in Wyoming.  Her name was Bobbie and she was a Corgi Chow mix.

He’s very social and he helps us meet people all the the time.  My husband and I are very shy.

He’s the referee, like me. He’s a mediator at the dog park.

None of us like conflict.”