couples and dogs

Tina, The Italian Greyhound/Terrier/Whippet/Beagle Mix Rescue From Social Tees (He Said, Part 4)


“My wife ended up scooping up both dogs in her arms while I hailed a taxi to take us home.

Later we were hit with the reality of looking after two puppies.

We knew we couldn’t cope with two puppies, especially in a small apartment.

I took Tina’s sister, Tula back to Social Tees, which was very sad.

They were both slightly sick, but Tina was more lively, so we decided to return Tula.

It was heartbreaking.”

Tina, The Italian Greyhound/Terrier/Whippet/Beagle,Mix Rescue From Social Tees (He Said, Part 3)


“They had a photo of a group of dogs and we emailed right away and wrote that we would be available to foster any of them.

We received an email straight back saying, please come in and pick up a dog.

We went to the Social Tees office and they said, hi, here’s Tina and her sister, Tuleh.

We haven’t split them up yet, so would you mind taking them both?”

Mabel, The Jindo,Cairn Terrier, Chihuahua Rescue from Korea (He said, Part 5)


“We worry about Mabel and try to make her happy as a team.

She gets really excited when my wife and I kiss each other.

She runs over to us with great joy, so sometimes we kiss just to call Mabel over to us.

She wants to be a part of us coming together.

It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s funny and amazing.”

Rooney, the Miniature Pinscher, Pit Bull, Hound Mix Rescue, that filled a void (she said, part 6)


“My boyfriend wasn’t familiar with the joy that you have from having to take care of your own dog and the unconditional love you get in return.

Having Rooney as a shared responsibility has made our relationship grow and has added a spark to our family.”

Otto, the Strong Willed Miniature Long Haired Dachshund Puppy (she said, part 2)


“There are always reasons not to, but in the end we decided to go for it.

Our hearts trumped our rational thought.

We always liked Dachshunds.

We joked about having one because they are funny and sweet.

I did a lot of research, as to avoid a puppy mill.

I read about what to ask breeders.”

Anchoas, the Bright and Happy King Charles Cavalier Puppy (part 1, he said)


“My girlfriend wanted to get a dog and I was just supportive of that.

I wasn’t 100% sure of whether we were settled enough in the apartment, but I left the decision making to her.

She chose the breed, the breeder, and Anchoas.

Honestly, I am out of town a lot for work, so I knew she would be more of the caretaker than I would be.

I also feel like I can fall in love with any dog.”

Anchoas, the Bright and Happy King Charles Cavalier Puppy (she said, part 1)


“I had just moved into the city and recently graduated college.

I got my first full time job, and was lucky enough to be working from home a few days a week.

My boyfriend only lives with part time, because every other month he is touring with his band, so it was a spur of the moment decision.

I decided I wanted a dog one weekend, and my lease allowed dogs.”


Susu, the couple bonding, French Bulldog (part 3)


“French Bulldogs are great city dogs.

They don’t require a ton of exercise and they really like to sleep.

I try to get Susu out at least once a day so that she can run around.

The dog park is so great, for that reason.

It also gives her a chance to socialize with other dogs.

I’ve been a part of Suso’s life for just over a year.

Yesterday my girlfriend left and I put her in a cab and I said, goodbye and I cried.

Susu knows what’s going on.

I was really sad, and she was kissing  me and cuddling with me and was a great comfort.”


Susu, the couple bonding, French Bulldog (part 2)


“Susu is four years old.

We just celebrated her birthday by going to the pet store and I let her pick out whatever she wanted.

She chose a bully stick (but not the low odor type), and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I took over full time care for Susu because my girlfriend got a job and will be gone for four months.

She left yesterday, so today is my first day as a full time dad.

My concern is keeping her occupied and challenged.”

Niko, the Alaskan Klee Kai (part 2, he said)


“This past fall we were tubing and Niko got out of the tube and his life vest.

He realized he couldn’t get back to us.

He realized he couldn’t swim against the current.  Luckily, he swam to shore, which was ten yards away.

We panicked when he started sprinting on the shore away from us.

We got to shore quickly and threw a stick, which he loves to catch.

Thankfully, he came running over.”