Batman, the fated dog (part 1)

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“I had a dog who got run over by a car and I was devastated about it.

I just thought the best way to get over that loss was to get another dog.

I looked at an online rescue agency called Mustard Sandwich and I saw Batman’s photo.

I wanted to get a dog and name him Batman.

Batman and his brothers were listed online and they were all named after cities except for Batman, who was already called “Batman.”

I thought; this is my fate.

I also thought, this is MY Batman.

I applied for him online.

I was moving from New York to Florida and picked him up on the drive down.

When I first saw him, he was only 2 pounds, his ears were all floppy and he was the cutest thing.”

Milo and Mr. Humbert, the delinquents (part 2)


“That was 2011.

Bert was very attached to my college aged son and didn’t want to travel anymore.

Whenever he saw my suitcase he wouldn’t leave my son’s lap and made himself scarce during travel preparations.

I wasn’t really looking for another dog.

I knew my husband wouldn’t be thrilled, but I saw Milo at an adoption event at our pet store.  He was the exact same size as Mr. Bert, but with a very different personality.

We call Mr. Bert the mean mother because he’s always correcting other dogs.

We call Milo the perm puppy because he is always getting into trouble.”

Diego, as in Diego Rivera (she said part 1)


“I met Diego because he belonged to my sister-in-law in Rochester.  We were visiting the family and they had just gotten Diego as an addition to their two other dogs, 2 black pugs.

He was called Diego because somebody sold him to her as a rare hairless Mexican dog breed.  He had very little hair at the time.  They said that a Hairless Mexican Dog’s tummy would act like a natural hot water bottle.  I had him on my lap, trying to feel his warmth and was sort of buying into the story.

We know the story isn’t true because his hair grew back.

He’s actually a Shih Tzu mix.

When my husband’s sister became very ill I thought about Diego.  Our last dog had just died.  I thought about rescuing Diego because no-one was around to take care of him.

A rescue lady claimed the pugs, so we decided to bring Diego home to NYC.”

Scout, the friendly dog


“We adopted another dog who we had for six months but he was an older and insecure dog. He was too protective of me with both strangers and members of my family, so we had to give him back.

We have a friend who works in a shelter in Connecticut. She let us know that she had a litter of puppies that would be up for adoption.

So I went up with two of my three boys. Scout was the shyest, but kept jumping in our laps.  We wanted to make sure we didn’t have another aggressive dog, and Scout certainly was not that.

My older boys may go away to school soon and we wanted to make sure they had a relationship with him, so this was a good time to get a dog.

Peeing on the rug is the worst thing he’s done.

Puppy issues.

We have loved watching him become settled and bonding with our family.”