border collie



“The most joyous moment I can think of, was the first time I brought her home.

I realized that with Chewie, I am not alone; that we are going to go places together.

She acts as a service dog.

I clean houses and I bring her to work with me.

She picks an area in the apartment, out of the way and stays there the entire time I am working.

She trusts me, and knows that I will come and get her when I am done.

Chewie has changed my life in that I am able to cope with every day life better than before I got her.”



“Walking a dog 3 or 4 times a day gives me clarity.  It makes me feel like whatever is troubling me is going to be okay.

The routine gives me something to do, and my focus is on something other than myself.

Chewie knows when I am unhappy.

She gets very upset if I am crying, so I try not to cry in front of her.

If she feels that I am sad or upset, she won’t leave my side.”



“I went on the internet and searched and found a breeder in New Jersey.

I waited a few months for Chewie to be born, and then another few months to take him home.

We both felt like we belonged together from the moment I brought her home.

Chewie helped me through a tough time.

I was depressed and she helped me get out of the house whether I wanted to or not.”



“I was lonely and felt that I didn’t have any life in me.

My psychiatrist told me to get a dog.

That was 7 years ago.

While I was on vacation I saw a Border Collie that I liked a lot and I thought, this is the kind of dog I want.”

Silka, the black lab mix rescue from the Westchester Humane Society (daughter said, part 4)


“I walk her more now because I am out of school.

I knew having a dog was going to be a lot of work, responsibility and fun.

It has been exciting because I see a new side to Silka every day.

I am watching her shed her puppy ways and grow into an adult dog.

It’s hard to put into words why I love her so much, but I feel very connected to her.”

Silka, the black lab mix rescue from the Westchester Humane Society (daughter said, part 3)


“We adopted Silka and brought her home that day.

That was three months ago.

The only hard part since getting Silka has been her teething phase, which she is still going through.

She used to bite us and was hard for her to stop.

She would start and go wild and continue for a good ten to fifteen minutes in that crazy chomping mode.

This was before she had all her shots and she couldn’t go to he dog park or socialize with other dogs, yet.”

Stella, the Empathetic Border Collie (Part 4, She Said)


Once I was driving I got lost.

My phone battery died and I had no GPS.

I had no way of getting in touch with my boyfriend.

I was frustrated and frightened.

Stella licked my tears away.

It was a simple moment, yet she made my anguish disappear.

I focused, instead of crying, and I found myself and where I needed to be.

It was magical.”

Stella, the Empathetic Border Collie (she said, part 3)


“When I miss my family she helps me.

After we Skype, she is always close to my body.

She makes me feel less lonely when I miss them.

Stella is dependent on me, but she is also a great comfort.

I know that she is always here for me.”

Stella, the Empathetic Border Collie (she said, part 2)


“Stella is part of my family now.

She loves me unconditionally.

She’s so cute and I know she depends on me.

I have my family back in Brazil, but she makes me feel like we are building our own family here.

She is almost like having a kid.

We used to travel a lot.

Now we alternate traveling or we board her.

I miss her when we go away, but I know she is happy.

She is always happy.”

Stella, the Empathetic Border Collie (she said, Part 1)


“Stella is my boyfriend’s dog.

I met him after he got her.

When I met him I thought it would be a challenge to have a dog in the city.

Not only because it’s expensive, but because we are young, it’s not practical and we travel.

She ties us down.

We have a schedule with her.

We have to be home to feed and walk her

This is how I felt, before meeting Stella and getting attached to her.”