best birthday gift

Rosie, the Newfie Doodle Mix (Newfoundland Poodle) He said, part 2


“The breeder had a list of people waiting for a puppy.

For my wife’s birthday I showed her the names on the waitlist, with our name included and she was extremely happy.

We waited for the right litter for us, personally.

The breeder sent us videos of the puppies and we narrowed it down to two puppies.”

Goldie, the Lagotto Romagnolo, that was a Surprise Birthday Present (part 2)


“The breeder said that he had a Lagotto that was supposed to be a show dog, but her ears wouldn’t stand up.

She was a show flunkie.

He said, he was going into the city that night and if I wanted her, he would drop her off.

Also, it was my wife’s birthday, and I thought the puppy would be a great gift, the best.”