Shy, the 18 year old rescue Beagle, Whippet, Spaniel, whose given birthday is Valentine’s Day (part 4)


“The first year I had her she had a lot of issues.

She chewed a lot of things, she was afraid and would shake sometimes, but I took her running with me and it gave her a purpose.

Shy became my running partner for 12 years.

I was a traveling nurse for four years and took Shy with me to all of my assignments.”


Sandy, the Rescue, That is A Big Dog, In A Small Body (Part 3)


“The complications  of adopting a dog whose history is unknown and figuring out her quirks can be difficult.

She can be possessive of things, which leads me to think maybe she was on the street and had to fight for something, anything.

She doesn’t show signs of abuse but she has some anxious habits (like all her unusual sound effects).”