American Bulldogs

Princess, the Pit Bull, Labrador Retriever mix therapy dog (part 1)



“My mom wanted a dog, so a friend came over and we looked on Pet Finder, the ASPCA and other rescue sites, but the process was too long.

They didn’t make it easy.

They wanted to interview me and check out my home.

So, I put flyers out around my apartment complex in Georgia and one person responded.

He said, his dog had puppies and if I wanted one he would bring two for me to meet from a litter his dog just had, and I could choose the one that I wanted.

He brought Princess’s sisters, but they didn’t work out.

They didn’t want to walk and they were hard to train.

I tried to house break both of them, but neither would walk and I ended up dragging them.

I called up the original owner and asked him to take them back because it wasn’t working out.

He told me he had the runt of the litter and she was the last remaining puppy.

That was Princess.”