Nellie, the talking Beagle (he said)


“I always loved dogs but because of the business of life I felt it would be an intrusion on how I lived.

Both of my daughters have dogs and I love them.

Then one day my wife and I were at an event at ARF (Animal Rescue Fund) and fell in love with a Beagle who stared at us lovingly.

After taking her for a walk, we went into the ARF office for the mandatory interview.  Nellie jumped on my lap while we were waiting for our interview and I literally started to cry.

Three years later, when I come home from the office, Nellie kisses me in a way that could substitute for a shower.

My work with very ill and older clients who have dementia is extremely stressful.  I deal with sad and sometimes tragic cases.

The unlimited love, affection and attention that I receive from Nellie chases away the depression.

Nellie’s welcoming everyday when I come home as a continuum is so satisfying.  She is an alternative to antidepressant drugs; she is my uptake inhibitor.”

Laura, the dog lover without a dog (part 1)


“The very first time I came to the dog run was after my neighbors moved.  I got curious to see this place called the dog run where they used to take their dog.

The dogs and the people were wonderful.  I’ve made a lot of very good friends here.

I’ve watched the Dog Whisperer on television and I like to try out his techniques.                   I’ll give you an example: When I see children trying to get their dog to chase the ball and they don’t get the dog’s full attention first (they just throw the ball), I tell them, first make sure the dog is paying to them and and if they show the dog the ball and the dog sees them throw it, this is the best way to start the game.

I wouldn’t say that to just anybody.  It’s to the children who seem open to my advice.  They really want to play with the dogs but they don’t know how.  I try to show them how to get on the same wavelength as the dog.

Another thing that is so gratifying is to keep up with friends from the dog run while they are away.  I like to keep them updated on their dogs play and experiences at the run and put their minds at ease.

Once I was trying to pass by a small dog and it jumped up at me, lunging towards my face, and I fell and broke my arm.

This is one of the reasons I urge people to dissuade their dogs from jumping on people.”

Hugo, my first dog


Hugo, as in Victor Hugo, the writer, is my first dog.

I wanted to have a dog from the age of five, but my parents don’t like animals.

I got him when I was twenty seven with my boyfriend.

That was two years ago.

We just got married.

Hugo brought so much joy to our relationship. He helped me realize what a kind partner my husband is.

He walks Hugo, and is very loving towards him.

When he bathes him he is very gentle with his feet.

Our jobs are so serious and New York is so serious. Hugo is pure joy and silliness.

I don’t really think he’s unique, I just think he’s a really good dog.

He’s playful, sweet, caring, and good-hearted.

He’s just really into loving us.

Bob, the walker

FullSizeRenderGeorgia practically lives with me, but she’s not mine.  She loves me and I love her.

The Dr. told me I have to walk, and I walk with her.

I wasn’t able to walk at all, I was in the hospital for three weeks from my sciatica, but, I got up to walk her.

I meet people all the time with her.  If I have a dog with me, they say hello, without Georgia, no-one says, hello.

She is stubborn and delicate at the same time.

If she poops in the house, she rolls her eyes, and says, that wasn’t me.

Summer is sun and winter is snow.  She loves them both.

She knows, she has to be good for her treats.

She doesn’t like chicken, but she loves lamb.