affectionate dogs

Leroy, the Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle Mix), (part 5)


“Leroy becomes even more affectionate when we are upset.

Usually, he gives affection on his terms, but when he senses a change in our mood or behavior he is very responsive.

He worries about us.

He adds to the happiness in our house.

It’s full of love.

No matter what is going on, I want to come home and see him.”

Leroy, the Maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle Mix), (part 4)


“We’ve had a lot of losses.

Their have been deaths in our families, and friends, too.

Leroy has been there for us.

He gives us snuggles and love and I really believe he knows when we are sad or sick.

He instantly calms down and curls up on our lap or chest.”

Mitzi, the lifesaver and Ollie, the lover (part 2)

FullSizeRender-18“Ollie looked for her where we used to walk in the park together.

Mitzi lives on with us through Ollie.  She taught him the dog language of mutual love and respect.  She taught him not to wake me up at night, that no means no, and just good dog behavior.

Ollie has his own personality.  He is hysterically funny.

In the morning he looks at me with his underbite and his bed head and I collapse in a fit of laughter. He shows great affection.  He likes to prance up to people to give them kisses.

For every one person that is annoyed at him for his bold friendliness, there are 100 people that say thank, your dog just made my day.

When your kids are gone, the nurture gene doesn’t just go away.

He’s a giver and a receiver of love.

A friend called him a furry beating heart.

He’s just a gift.”