traumatic brain injury

Malteser, the small dog that brings great comfort (part 2)


“August of 2014, right after I came back from living in London for ten years, a huge glass door fell on my head.  I was rushed to the hospital.  I had stitches and a severe concussion. I suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury and have been to at least 8 Dr.’s in the past year and a half.

Malteser has brought me great comfort.

After the accident I suffered from depression, anxiety fatigue and a lot of cognitive glitches.

I went to a restaurant recently with a friend and asked if the burgers were good there and my friend reminded me we ate there 2 weeks ago and I liked the burger very much.

Malteser has been turned into a service dog (for emotional support) and I am able to take her with me everywhere I go.

Malti has changed my life in every way.  Her unconditional love is something that is always there, whether I am going through good or bad times.

She is the emotional heart of our home.”

Malteser, The small dog that’s a great comfort (part 1)


My Children wanted a dog.

I had grown up with dogs and I think they are essential to a family.

We had a list of criteria and when we typed them into a computer the only dog that came up was Maltese.

“We were living in London and there was a kennel club nearby.  There were only 3 breeders who were vetted on their list and only 1 of those had puppies, and she had a waiting list.  The breeder asked everyone on the list to write a short essay on why we wanted a puppy and what would make each of us good dog owners.

We wrote that the children were old enough to appreciate a dog, I grew up with dogs and a dog would complete our family.

The final step to our process was visiting the breeder in Hertfordshire (a little over an hour outside of London).

When I met Malteser (named after a delicious malted milk ball candy), I almost started to cry.  She was so beautiful and I felt like I didn’t know if I was worthy of her.

We were lucky enough to be selected and get Malteser.

I bonded with her right away.  My son (thirteen at the time), still teases me because he left for a swimming lesson so her first hours were spent with my daughter (6 at the time), and me.

She was a little fluff ball.  I laid down on the floor beside her and told her,  I promise I am going to do everything I can to make you happy.”