empty nester

Harry and Milly, the Papillon dogs that make an empty nest more bearable (part 4)


“We just moved to New York from London and our routine is always the same.

We go for long walks every day; I like to take long walks and they are always willing.

I think Harry more than Milly has changed my life.

I love having him but he doesn’t like people petting him.

I tend to try to please people and it’s upsetting to see people so disappointed that he won’t let them pet him.  I feel like I am letting people down.

I also feel like dogs are mirrors of us.

I try to learn from their behavior.

Just like with people, you can’t control their behavior.

You can only control your own responses.

I try not to be disappointed, but more accepting.”


Harry and Milly, the Papillon dogs that make the empty nest more bearable (part 3)


“They are absolutely child replacements, although I try to treat them like dogs, not babies.

Getting them when my last daughter left home, made having an empty home more bearable.

There was no longer silence when I opened the front door.

I feel like I am never alone.

They will also never grow up, like my children did.

They will never leave home, or prefer to be with their friends.

Having the dogs has been a constant in our lives.”

Harry and Milly, the Papillon dogs that make the empty nest more bearable (part 2)


“I thought having two would be as easy and peaceful as having one dog, but it is not.

Like with children, I appreciate each one because of the other.

Harry is shy with people, but more social with dogs and Milly is the opposite.

Milly likes to be the center of attention, so Harry gets less attention than he used to.

It only took a week for Harry to stop guarding his toys when I got Milly.

They bonded with each other in a matter of weeks, though they are each more

bonded to me than each other.

I think it’s not a coincidence that I got these dogs as I became an empty nester.”