Twiggy, the Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix Rescue (part 2)


“My partner and I both craned our necks because she was so beautiful.

We assumed that she was one of the patients at the hospital, as opposed to one of the dogs up for adoption.

At the interview I was wearing a rainbow button, as the Supreme Court had just legalized gay marriage the day before.

The interviewer said, I see your button and I am so excited, I’ve been with my partner for 43 years.

We told her we were looking for a short haired, small female.

We thought she would bring out a chihuahua.”

Twiggy, the Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix Rescue (part 1)


“Our Chihuahua died suddenly and I think we were without a pet for three months.

It was so quiet in the apartment.

We devoted one Saturday and Sunday to going to many animal shelters.

We looked both in and out of the city, and went to six shelters that Sunday.

As we walked into the Humane Society on 59th Street, a technician was taking this beautiful little dog for a walk.”

Gracie, the Chihuahua and Boscoe, the Pit Bull Terrier, Rescues (part 5)


“I love being with my animals, especially my little one.

She brings me such peace that I call her my therapy dog.

Boscoe is a big snuggle bunny and he is a very sweet dog.

Obviously, I can’t take him everywhere with me because of his size, but he is a great dog.

I am thankful that I have never had a difficult time since having them, but the hustle and bustle of selling real estate can be stressful and clients can be difficult, so coming home to Boscoe and Gracie is therapeutic.

It’s either red wine or fur-babies, and sometimes both.”


Gracie, the Chihuahua and Boscoe, the Pit Bull Terrier, Rescues (part 4)


“She was infested with fleas and heart worm.

Someone who saw her littermate wandering the streets gave him to a friend.

She was a pound and half, sitting in my hand with bugs jumping off of her.

I took her to our vet right away where she had a flea bath and got pills for her heartworm.

I since sold the trailer park and took an $80,000 loss, so I call Gracie my $80,000 dog.”

Gracie, the Chihuahua and Boscoe, the Pit Bull Terrier, Rescues (part 3)


“Our vet wasn’t sure he could save Boscoe’s leg because the bullet was lodged in the elbow of his leg, making surgery difficult.

I found a specialist and he had surgery the next day.

That was two years ago and he is fully recovered and trots like a horse.

The second time I moved to Texas I bought a trailer park as an investment and there was a tenant who just let his dogs run amok on the property.

One of his friend’s chihuahua mated with a neighbors’ terrier and Gracie was one of the puppies.”


Gracie, the Chihuahua and Boscoe, the Pit Bull Terrier, Rescues (part 1)


“I rescued my big guy Boscoe, from a shelter in Texas outside Dallas, called It’s Raining Cats and Dogs.

It was a rescue group based out of Cabela’s, a sporting goods store.

I had seen a white Pit with blue eyes the year before.

I remembered that dog and inquired with the group to see if they still had the white Pit with blue eyes.

The head of the rescue group said they had two white pits with blue eyes, so my husband and I went down and looked at them.”




“We have lived near Central Park for almost a decade and we never really saw it before Mabel.

she has guided us to different corners of the park, and we have explored areas that are new and exciting.

She is teaching us to see the world through her curious and soulful eyes.

Mabel has changed our lives for the better.

She has brought so much laughter into our daily life and gives us a purpose.

In the morning, when we wake up, she lies between us, and just her presence makes us happy.

She makes a happy sound, that my husband wants to record and use as his phone ring.

It’s a joyful way to start the day.”



“My husband is a great dad.

We have both managed our work and time so that we can take care of Mabel.

I work at an office, but my husband can work remotely part of the time.

He gets to take care of her during the day, and I know it’s not easy to take his mind off work.

He is very focused on his job, and the only thing that can break that concentration is Mabel.

Mabel gives us both a break from work,  and focusing on ourselves and our careers.

We are both driven people and society encourages that way of being.

Having Mabel has inspired us to slow down and appreciate the moments of day to day life, and live in the present tense.”



When I held her, she rested her chin on my arm and I fell in love with her.

I asked myself for a split second, if I was ready and my husband said, she’s the one.

Now I see myself as her parent, and I am there for her, with whatever she needs.

My husband and I come together and we are a team for Mabel.

She has become our priority.

Having Mabel has taught me to think beyond myself, and I love being able to take care of her.

Giving her love and receiving unconditional love back has been a blessing.”



“We were at a point in our lives my husband and I had a lot of love to give.

We were looking for the right recipient.

We decided to get a dog, because I kept talking about it.

There was never a perfect time, because we both work full time and travel a lot.

We wanted to help a dog in need, so we looked into Korean dog rescue because they are commonly euthanized or sold for the meat trade.”