cairn terrier

Mabel, The Jindo,Cairn Terrier, Chihuahua Rescue from Korea (He said, Part 1)


“My wife is the one who wanted Mabel.

We are in a place where we are financially stable and wanted to share our home with someone or something.

We don’t have kids, yet.

We knew we wanted to get a rescue dog.

My wife and I are both Korean, so we looked into Korean Canine Rescue.”

Dodger, the mini-schnauzer, cairn terrier mix rescue from the NYCACC (center for animal care and control, part 5)


“Dodger loves to go hiking.

I feel comfortable letting him off leash on a trail.

He always keeps me in his eye’s view and never wanders far.

It’s almost like he’s on an invisible leash.

I had him thru my 20’s and he’s taught me a sense of responsibility.

He’s helped me get through some hard times in my life and he’s a great stress reducer.

He’s lived on both coasts with me and is always there for me.

Dodger is my family.