Month: October 2017

Jarvis, The Golden Doodle Puppy that was born the day We got engaged (part 2, she said)


” Jarvis was delivered to my front door in Manhattan.

He arrived a month after my last dog died and at first I was not used to having a puppy.

I was used to a fully trained dog, that was mine, alone.

Jarvis is mine and my finance’s.

It has been a learning experience for both of us.

It was tough on us at first with the training and all the walking.

He was also an added stress to the wedding planning-but a good stress because we were able to communicate better.”

Jarvis, The Golden Doodle Puppy that was born the day We got engaged (part 1, she said)


“My dog that I had for five years died in May.

My fiancé and I decided we wanted a Golden Doodle because we heard great things about them, and mainly because they don’t shed.

I found Jarvis online on Orchard Pups website.

I talked to the breeder on the phone and she sounded very trustworthy and I read a lot of positive reviews about her.

Also, Jarvis was born on the day I got engaged.”


Isabel, One of Two Lab/Whippet rescue Dogs From Tennessee (part 4, He Said)


“My girlfriend and I live pretty hectic lives and it’s easy after a week of work to veg out at home and relax, but having a dog has given us a reason to get out of the city more often.

We like to get out to the woods, (which is our roots), and the beach.

On Monday, we went to the beach with Isabel and I threw a frisbee into the ocean.

She is usually tentative around the ocean, but this time, she dove head on into the water and body surfed a wave back to shore.

It was beautiful to see.

Having Isabel has allowed me to reassess my time and goals.

It’s easy to get caught up doing my work, which is indoors.

I’ve realized how much we value our time outside.

I realize that through Isabel.

Isabel, One of Two Lab/Whippet rescue Dogs From Tennessee (part 3, He Said)


“There were about 40 people waiting in the lot for their dogs to arrive.

After bringing Isabel home, I immediately thought we were lucky.

We wound up with a dog who was pretty responsive to house training.

She had accidents like any other dog, but she was quick to learn.

Since getting Isabel, I think I have risen to the challenge of becoming a responsible dog owner; by walking, feeding, training, and just being there for her.

This is a healthy stepping stone in my life.”


Isabel, One of Two Lab/Whippet rescue Dogs From Tennessee (part 2, He Said)


“We both grew up with dogs, so we knew what we were in for.

We went to a parking lot in Morristown, New Jersey at 3 A.M.

That was when Alpha Dog Transport rolled in.

I remember thinking it would be a small van that would be used for transport, and then there was a semi-truck full of rescue dogs heading to their forever homes waiting for us.”

Isabel, One of Two Lab/Whippet rescue Dogs From Tennessee (part 1, He Said)


“My girlfriend proposed that we adopt a dog for our friend and moments later she came back with the idea of adopting the puppy’s litter mate for us.

I said, sure.

That’s just how we have always lived together.

It’s always been an adventure with us.

We have found that our best adventures together have been spontaneous.

Isabel is probably the best example of that.”

Teller, Ivy and Zoe, the Family of Bearded Collies (part 4)


“If you realize the strength and life force that you get from interacting with such unconditionally loving beings, the actual tasks of caring for them become menial.

Having dogs while in chronic pain, challenged my husband’s patience.

His tolerance and patience grew from being around such innocent, loving beings that just wanted to love him.

His personality has changed in that he has learned love and compassion towards not only them, but himself.”

Teller, Ivy, and Zoe, the family of Bearded Collies (part 3)


“They are two years old.

Teller was not happy at first.

It was a hard adjustment.

From early on, we knew we were not going to have three dogs on the bed.

Teller had the privilege of being the only one on the bed.

Two years later, we wake up with three dogs on the bed.

My husband has had serious health issues for the past 20 years.

He has had 18 surgeries on his back.

He also had a stroke right after we got Ivy and Zoe.

We looked at each other like we were insane because we had two puppies and a grown dog, and I didn’t have enough hands to take care of everything.”

Teller, Ivy, and Zoe, the Family of Bearded Collies (part 2)


“I said to my husband, it’s time.

So, we got Teller.

That was four years ago.

All of my kids moved out of the house and Teller was getting lonely and we played with the idea of getting another dog.

We called breeders to see who was having a litter.

Luckily, Teller’s breeder was having a litter and it was going to be her last, so we went to Buffalo (where she was located), right away.

We were surrounded by puppies.

We couldn’t decide between Ivy and Zoe, we got both of them.”

Teller, Ivy, and Zoe, the Family of Bearded Collies (part 1)


“I’ve had dogs all my life.

When I moved from Argentina to Manhattan I didn’t have the heart to have a large dog, but I promised my seven kids we would get a dog when we moved into a house and had the space and time to care for a dog.

We moved to Riverdale and got a Bearded Collie.  After a few years we got second Beardie.

The first Beardie lived to be eleven and the younger one died at only three, from epilepsy.

I could not get another dog because I felt I would be trying to replace the other two, but every time I walked in the street and saw a Bearded Collie, my heart would jump out.”