Susu, the couple bonding, French Bulldog (part 4)


“Susu and I are great companions and distractions for each other while her mom is gone.

I have never been in a relationship with someone with a dog before and the dog feels like preparation for a kid down the line–in terms of feeding her, taking her out, giving her attention, in general, caring for her well being.

Once we cooked a peanut satay sauce and one of the peanuts dropped on the ground and Susu ate it.  She broke out in hives all over her body.

We rushed her to the vet and learned that she is allergic to nuts, just like some people.

We don’t cook with nuts anymore, but some people in the park tried to give her nuts and we have to politely refuse.

Probably, the most surprising thing about Susu is her range of emotions.

Her eyes are expressive and they say so much.”

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