Month: March 2017

L.T., the rescue hound, terrier, and golden retriever mix (part 2)


“We spent close to four hours with him–my entire family sat with him to make sure it was going to work.

He was gentle with my granddaughter and he got along with my daughter’s dog, so we adopted him.

After five months we got an email from Paws Crossed asking if we would be interested in setting up a play date with L.T. and his sister.

We were happy to have the sibling puppies socialize together.

We met at a dog park in Westchester and they got along beautifully.

They looked identical, and after ten minutes they were inseparable.

We are going to set up a play date once a month.”

L.T, the rescue Hound, Terrier and Golden Retriever Mix


“L.T. is short for Logan Taylor.  There is another Logan in my apartment building, so I started calling him, L.T.

I was recently out of work, or semi-retired and I now have the time to devote to a puppy.

My family and I went to a rescue shelter in Westchester, called Paws Crossed.

My daughter and I found L.T.

He is a hound, terrier and golden mix.

We chose him because of his personality.

He was mellow.  He was four and a half months old and he was so serene.

He was there with his sister, but she was already spoken for.”


Susu, the couple bonding, French Bulldog (part 4)


“Susu and I are great companions and distractions for each other while her mom is gone.

I have never been in a relationship with someone with a dog before and the dog feels like preparation for a kid down the line–in terms of feeding her, taking her out, giving her attention, in general, caring for her well being.

Once we cooked a peanut satay sauce and one of the peanuts dropped on the ground and Susu ate it.  She broke out in hives all over her body.

We rushed her to the vet and learned that she is allergic to nuts, just like some people.

We don’t cook with nuts anymore, but some people in the park tried to give her nuts and we have to politely refuse.

Probably, the most surprising thing about Susu is her range of emotions.

Her eyes are expressive and they say so much.”

Susu, the couple bonding, French Bulldog (part 3)


“French Bulldogs are great city dogs.

They don’t require a ton of exercise and they really like to sleep.

I try to get Susu out at least once a day so that she can run around.

The dog park is so great, for that reason.

It also gives her a chance to socialize with other dogs.

I’ve been a part of Suso’s life for just over a year.

Yesterday my girlfriend left and I put her in a cab and I said, goodbye and I cried.

Susu knows what’s going on.

I was really sad, and she was kissing  me and cuddling with me and was a great comfort.”


Susu, the couple bonding, French Bulldog (part 2)


“Susu is four years old.

We just celebrated her birthday by going to the pet store and I let her pick out whatever she wanted.

She chose a bully stick (but not the low odor type), and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I took over full time care for Susu because my girlfriend got a job and will be gone for four months.

She left yesterday, so today is my first day as a full time dad.

My concern is keeping her occupied and challenged.”

Susu, the couple bonding, French Bulldog (part 1)


“My girlfriend is the one who got the dog.

She had gone through an emotional breakup with someone and she felt very alone.

She was out with her sister and there happened to be a puppy sale nearby.

She walked over and saw this little white French Bulldog staring up at her, and she just could’t leave her.

Susu is my girlfriend’s first dog ever.

She was named after a little girl that my girlfriend used to babysit for, who loved a little white fluffy stuffed animal, just like Susu.”


Percy & Watson, the standard poodles that ease the stress of every day life (part 4)


“I am a teacher and I work with some kids that have emotional difficulties.

I see how helpful the dogs are in stressful situations and how stabilizing and reassuring they can be.

Some of the kids have service dogs, which provide a venue for affection and the opportunity to care for another being without judgement or conditions.

I have found that my dogs play a similar tole in my life.

For me, what’s most joyous is accepting responsibility for them.

They give me the chance to give them the care and love they innately deserve.

That means consistency and being a presence in their life on a daily basis.

They give the chance to be a better person.”

Percy & Watson the standard poodles that ease the stress of every day life (part 3)


“There weren’t major changes when Percy lost his eyesight.

They had both been taught visual as well as aural commands, so the transition was pretty smooth.

I am not sure Watson is aware that Percy is blind, but they don’t run around as much together.

When we walk, Watson will walk on the outside to keep Percy sandwiched in between us.

I definitely carry a lot of stress on a daily basis and living and working with the dogs has shown me how I deal with my feelings.”


Percy & Watson, the standard poodles that ease the stress of every day life (part 2)


“Percy, for instance could be shown behaviors and would remember them, whereas Watson  was taught certain behaviors, by having us catch him doing them and calling out the word for the action.

For example, Watson learned to sit by sitting and having us call out the word, sit.

Percy is five months older than Watson, but we trained them together, although Percy was already housebroken.

Percy is eight and Watson is almost eight.

About 3 and a half years ago Percy had an infection which turned into an auto immune condition.  The illness led to chronic inflammation of his eyes and glaucoma with scarring and he became blind.”

Percy & Watson, the standard poodles that ease the stress of every day life (part 1)


“I got my dogs with my partner, so it wasn’t primarily my decision.

I am extremely glad, though.

I wasn’t involved in selecting and purchasing them, but I was very involved with teaching and training them.

I taught them how to sit, stay, wait for us to walk before them and other general forms of etiquette.

It was interesting to see how differently Percy and Watson learned from one another.”