Month: February 2017

Murphy, the bluetick coonhound/border collie mix rescue from a kill shelter (part 1)


“I had been looking for a dog for about six months with various rescue groups.

I tried fostering, but hadn’t found the right fit.

Then I started talking ¬†with a rescue group called Social Tee’s.

They specialize in rescuing dogs from high kill shelters.

They had a large adoption event in Chelsea, in December.

I went without a specific dog in mind, and Murphy was the second dog I met.

As soon as we locked eyes we recognized something in each other.

It’s hard to describe, but it felt like we’d known each other forever.

It’s a great feeling.”

Vivi, the terrier, chow, greyhound, chihuahua, sharpei mix from Puerto Rico (part 4)


“The kids are too young to walk her alone, but they feed her and give her water.

Over a two month period of time my father-in-law became increasingly ill and my husband traveled to see his family, frequently.

Having Vivi was a great comfort to my children and me.

The routine of having a dog gets the family out every day.

After the death of my father-in-law, we knew we could count of the routines of my children and Vivi to teach us the enjoyment of every day life.

Vivi is teaching the children a sense of responsibility by being another member of the family and having her needs met too.”