Laura, the dog lover without a dog (part 2)


“I had friends that I met at the dog run.  their dog and I were in love with each other.  They had a wonderful dog, tchotchke.  If she liked you it was a love fest every time you saw her.

Then when she got old and sick it was very sad.

A couple of days before she died she was in the dog run and you could watch her go up to each of her people friends, as if to say goodbye.

She was an articulate dog.  She didn’t like puppies and small dogs bothering her.  She had a very polite but firm way of letting them know to leave her alone. She would lie on the ground, turn her head toward them and let out a low growl of warning.

The best was meeting, getting to know and spending time with such loving people and their dog.

The worst was when their dog died, followed by their leaving New York.

We still keep in touch.

I still come to the dog run in good weather a few times a week.

I have some physical disability with my arms and the dog run is a good place for me to come for some gentle exercise and amusement.

One of the great things about the dog run is that you see people you meet in the dog run on the street, and develop a relationship outside the dog run.

There is a real community at the dog run that overflows in the neighborhood.

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