Wendy and her rescues (part 1)


“When I was 12 my parents finally let me get a dog.  She was a fox terrier mix.

It was wintertime and nobody in my family helped. I was totally on my own with the dog.

My mother insisted she stay in the bathroom which was very small.  I would take her out with a little sweater, but she would still shiver.

About a month later, I came home from school and she was gone.

My mother got rid of her.  I can only hope she lived a happy life.

I was heartbroken.

2o years later, I married a man with a dog, Xanthi.  I loved her. She was a nut who barked incessantly for no  reason.  We loved her, but she wasn’t everyone’s favorite because of her barking.

One of my memories of Xanthi that is a standout, is when I used to let her in the bed when she wasn’t supposed to be. My husband would come to bed and say, is there a dog in the bed?  I would say, no, and then she would let out a bark.  She couldn’t help herself.

I am a dog in the bed kind of person and he wasn’t.

We were intellectually but not emotionally compatible.

After our marriage broke up, I found out she died through my father.  He never called to tell me.  After all, she was my dog too.

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