Theodora, the cute blonde (part 2)


“Theodora was the right size because she was small, and she had hair not fur, which made her hypoallergenic.

Taylor, my younger son, six at the time, took one look at her and said, mom, she’s a cute little blonde, just like my friend, Theodora.  So, we called her Theodora.

Clearly, Theodora had been trained to walk on a leash and do her business outside.

While she was well trained to do her business on the leash, we soon learned she had issues with other dogs and men.

She wags her tail and pretends she’s friendly and nice and then proceeds to peel their face off and attack.

I don’t let her interact with other dogs.  That’s my solution.

As far as men go, she has great instincts.

A strange man approached and tried to pet her and she growled fiercely.  I just let her.         She was right,  He was a creep.

If one of my boys is sick or sad, she’s their comfort.  They find solace in cuddling with her.

That’s a huge contribution to the family.”

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