Rick, the rescuer and his dog Carlo


“I had a shepherd mix named Obie (from the photo album). I adopted him in 1997 when he was about ten and a half months old.

He was the love of my life.

He was diagnosed with lymphoma in March of 2012. I tried to extend his life with chemotherapy but it didn’t work and he died in May.

I was pretty down, but I decided to get into rescue and save dogs that would be otherwise killed.

I started saving dogs in July of 2012 and have saved 400 dogs to date.

I rescue dogs that are in San Bernardino, California.  I will see the dogs on the euthanasia list and there is a team out there that does all the rest.  I pay all the bills.

I went out there to see the dogs that I had rescued.

While I was out there visiting, I met Carlo, a seven and a half month old puppy on the euthanasia list, who looked just like Obie.  I also met and fell in love with a nine year old dog, Rusty.

I saw Carlo’s photo on the urgent kill shelter list. He was supposed to be destroyed in 24 hours. I was struck by how much he looked like Obie.  His tail was the only thing that was burry in the photo. I like to think it’s because he was wagging it.

Rusty was nine and no-one wanted him.  He was a senior, sick and a fear nipper.  I knew that he would require love and patience.

I adopted them both and we all flew back to NYC together.

Carlo trusted me right away but Rusty took a while longer.  One day after a year and a half he just walked over to me, jumped on the sofa, put his head on my lap and went to sleep.  From then on he never tried to nip me again. He followed me from room to room.  It was all about the love.

These are dogs that would almost certainly be killed because of the overpopulation of dogs. There are many purebreds, as well as mixes that have so little chance. The shelters are underfunded and overcrowded.

The kill shelters have an extremely high kill rate.  There is a tremendous spay and neuter problem in California, and San Bernardino, in particular.”

My motivation to save all these dogs was because of trying to save Obie, but not being able to.”



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