Maya, the future running buddy


“Maya is my first dog as an adult.

My fiancé and I have been wanting a dog for a few years.

We are probably going to have kids in a few years and would like our kids to grow up with a dog.

She came from a friend of my parents who live in Florida.  They had a Portuguese Water dog that had puppies, and Maya is one of them.

We like that Porty’s are hypoallergenic and don’t shed.

It’s only been two weeks since we’ve been able to take her outside–since she got all her shots.

She’s made us see a new side of New York culture.

She has made us morning people, which we were not before

I love having an excuse to go to the park.

In the 2 weeks we have been walking her, it seems like everyone has a dog.

You need a dog to keep your sanity.  It’s nice to have another companion.

She sleeps in a crate in our living room.

My fiancé loves her. She didn’t grow up with a dog, but she’s really taken to being a dog mom.  She takes Maya out more than I do.  It’s a big responsibility, but it’s great.  It forces one of us to get up and out, early.

I wanted to practice taking care of something before we become parents.

It’s funny, she always has to be near one of us, but she’s not a cuddler.  If we are on the couch, she is on the couch too, but at the other end.

We expect a lot of the more annoying puppy traits, like having to go out every 2 hours, and not knowing her commands yet, will disappear over time.

We are both looking forward to a running buddy and the eager excitement she exudes when we walk through the door.”

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