Samson, the link that completed the family


“I had dogs all my life. It was only when I moved to the city that I didn’t have  one. That was 8 years ago.

My 2 year old son was the inspiration to get Samson. I remember what it was like to be a kid and have a dog. I wanted my son to have what they call “man’s best friend” throughout his childhood.

My son is 2 and Sam is his buddy. He wakes up saying his name and he goes to bed saying his name.

The worst moment since having Samson was when I left my job of 10 years.  I went from spending time with people all the time, to being alone.

Being home with Samson makes me feel less lonely. He’s always around, following me from room to room.

Walking him pushes me out of the apartment to get fresh air and meet other people.

My husband was a cat lover and never had a dog. He was hesitant about getting a dog. He liked the independence of cats and was wasn’t sure about the responsibility, as well as the interaction between our son and the dog.

The first week of trying to build a relationship between my son and the dog we couldn’t find the dog.  We looked everywhere in the apartment and finally found him in the toddler bed, snuggling with our son.

Sampson has added another person to love.

I know this sounds very Jerry Maguire, but I really think Samson was the link that completed our family.”

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