Amos, the rescue dog who rescued Carol and George

“We lost our lovely German Shepherd.  She died.

We’ve always had a dog. We got our first dog fifty years ago. We can’t imagine living without a dog.

A dog is so affirming of each of us.

They are so excited to see you; they are full of unconditional love.

Having children is both similar and different.

Similar in that they are dependent beings that you are charged to care for and bring up.

Different in that they are not human.  Children become independent and they go off and leave you.

We’ve had dogs since we’ve before we had children, as well as since we’ve been empty nesters.

They fill a void that nothing else does.

My wife had dogs before we were married, but I didn’t.

Losing them is the worst.  They just don’t live long enough, none of them.  It almost makes you wish you didn’t have a dog; but you have to.

Amos is our first rescue dog.

He really needed us as much as we needed him.  We felt like he could tell from the beginning that his life could suddenly and unpredictably change.  He is also our first small dog.   We always had German Shepherds and Irish Setters.

We travel a lot and always drove to our destination because we had big dogs.

We got a small dog so we could travel with him on an airplane.  He is also a lap dog and gives loving warmth constantly.  My wife steals him out of my lap sometimes.  We fight over who can hold him.

The first week we got him, he got out of the leash and ran into traffic.  He ran back to our apartment. It was incredible that he knew the way home after only a few days.

We love watching him get more at ease with his social skills. He used to tremble all the time.  We can even let him off the leash now and he doesn’t run away.

When I talk to him, he turns his head and listens. He seems to understand what I am saying.”

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