Tyler, the dog with two sets of dads


“We had just lost our boxer, Lily and we had a hole in our home that we wanted to fill.

We went to Broadway Barks just to poke around and we spotted this sweet little  puppy, then named Othello. I scooped him up, nuzzled him in my neck and wouldn’t put him down until they made me.

The happiest moment of my life was when one of the adoption staff drove him to our apartment the following night.  We met him on the sidewalk. She took him out of his kennel and handed him to me. I sat down at the curb with him and realized he was going to have a great life.

He, his mother and his litter mates were rescued from a burned out car in Jamaica, Queens.

Mary Tyler Moore was at the adoption event, so we changed his name from Othello to Tyler.

The hardest moment was putting our other dog, Guster, down at our apartment. Tyler saw the entire thing. We’ve always been there when we put our animals down. We do it as a family, no exceptions.  Tyler was calm and laid right beside Guster until the end. It was bittersweet at that moment, that he was part of it.

One of the hardest times in life was when our family broke up and I moved out. I still knew that I would always be part of Tyler’s life.

We share custody of Tyler and it’s wonderful.  Now he has two sets of dads to dote on him.”

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