Felicia, the dog lover (Part 1)


“I love dogs and wanted to make some extra cash.

It’s more love than cash.

I was a graphic designer and was taking a seminar to find out how I could make extra money.

I said, I love dogs and that was the beginning.

I started by dog sitting.

My first sitting job came through a super and it was for a month.  The dog owner offered me $6.00 per day.  I said, how about $10.00 but she said, no.

It was a Doberman named Precious. She had floppy ears and a long tail.  She wore a prong collar and I put it on backwards.

My second job was the neighbors in Prescious’s building.

I got involved with the dog world and my next dog sit was $20.00 per day.

From there, the dog world opened up to me.

The dogs took me to Central Park, and I met a woman who helped to rescue and foster dogs.

I was fostering dogs and decided to help with 2 dogs that were abandoned. They were a brother and sister. They were being boarded at the vet  because they didn’t have a place to go.

I went to look at them and it was love at first sight, but I couldn’t see being tied down.

The woman that rescued them found out that Sandy, the sister was unhappy in her foster home, so I took both Charlie and Sandy out of care and concern.  I wasn’t working at the time so my schedule was more flexible.

They were only 11 months old. Sandy was in heat and Charlie wasn’t neutered.

I looked for a home for them everywhere, even Westchester.

I finally found a home for them but when I thought they were going to leave I started to cry.

The rest was history.

That was in 1990.

Sandy died in 2004 and Charlie died in 2005.”




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