Daisy, the family dog


“Daisy is our second dog.

We call her crazy Daisy.

She is two and still acts like a puppy.

We got Obi, our first dog, before our kids came along, so he was like our first child.

When Obi passed away a few years ago, it was a family decision to put him down. He was suffering. He was fourteen.

When it came to death we didn’t sugar coat it.

At the time, our oldest was eleven, middle was nine, and our youngest was three.

They took it pretty bad, but they understood it in the long run.  It was a valuable lesson for them to learn.

Obi’s favorite treat was Pringles potato chips. When it was time to put him down we all had a final meeting with him and gave him a tin of Pringles.

As hard as it was, it was helpful that we all said goodbye.

We waited for a year before we jumped back in.

We had a family vote and decided it was time to get another dog.

We went to the A.S.P.C.A. They had some puppies available and

whichever was the gentlest with our four year old fit the bill.

Daisy is the kids dog, whereas Obi was our dog.

We are a lot more relaxed with Daisy than with Obi–kind of like second child syndrome.

It’s like having another sibling for them, without the pain.

It’s been great. She’s great with kids. She’s never snarled or growled.

We can take a ball or food out of her mouth and she wouldn’t bat an eyelid.”


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